Day-of Information

Submissions(forked from HackIllinois's submission guide)

Create a project on devpost

  • Briefly fill out the description. (All other sections are up to your discretion.)
  • Make sure to include a link to your source code in the "try it out" section
  • If you are submitting to any particular prizes, make sure to describe why you believe your submission is eligible, and also mark them on your submission.
  • Then follow the instructions below.

Your submission should consist of a devpost submission linking to your public code repository which should include at least four specific files:, LICENSE (there maybe cases where this is not applicable, if so tell us the reason in your devpost submission),

    • Enumerate who was on your team, their emails, who implemented what in the project and any mentors or other significant members of the group


Be ready to explain during the project expo:

  • Thought process and inspiration for your project
  • Potential uses and benefits of your project
  • Issues you faced
  • Major decision making, such as the selection of technical frameworks, languages, code structure, etc.
  • Your selection of FOSS license in your


SSID:calvinhacks / calvinhacks24(2.4GHz)


Additional Hacking Rooms

130, 140, 160


Campus Safety: 616-526-6452


Lot 14,15,16